Gharara wiyh hijab

How to Wear Gharara With Hijab

Islamic clothing is diverse and diversely interpreted, but hijab is the most popular form of Islamic dress. The hijab falls generally around the chest, back, and head. As with all garments, it needs to be worn properly in order to comply with Islam’s guidelines for modesty.

Gharara is a type of Middle Eastern clothing that can be worn in many different ways. The most common style is the Baghdad gharara, which has long garments and flowing fabrics.

The traditional outfits are typically made from cotton or silk and patterns are often embroidered with gold thread. These styles go well with traditional Arabian clothing such as the abaya, thobe, and jalabiya. There are also more modern styles such as the ghutra (a type of headpiece) and the shawl to accommodate modern lifestyles.

Gharara can be worn for a variety of occasions from day-to-day wear to formal occasions like weddings and parties. A person’s intention when wearing gharara should correspond to their expectations for how they will be using it

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Types of Hijab Which You Can Wear With Gharara

One of the most important considerations to make when purchasing a hijab is determining what kind of garment you will wear underneath. The following are some of the main types of Hijab that you can wear with Gharara according to their fabric and coverage:

A cotton hijab with a slit in the front:

Since gharara are usually made from cotton, this is one type of hijab that is compatible with many different kinds of gharara.

A silk or polyester hijab with a slit in the front:

This type of hijab is suitable for any kind of gharara.

A lace or netting hijab:

These types Hijabs are not suitable for wearing with Gharara, as they expose too much skin.

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